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Holy & Healing

Readers from all over have graciously shared some locations, pictures, and moments that have been Holy or Healing to them. Why not take a moment to read some? (or add your own!)
Below are submissions I could not identify geographically. I absolutely loved each and every response that was sent!

My holy and healing place is nearby. It is a lake formed by a dam. There is a beautiful, relaxing waterfall at the one end and the beautiful lake reflects the surrounding trees. There are trails running in all directions. Peaceful, calming and healing.


Places that have felt holy and healing have always been outdoor places.  The campus of the junior college I attended, sitting under a tree away from the rush.  Being out in nature and feeling the breeze go across my skin.  All special!


Thanks for letting me close my eyes and pause for a minute and think what makes me feel holy and healing. I do have a washer and dryer and use them all the time. But I also have a clothes line that we put up when we first moved where we live now, about 40 years ago. I don’t use the clothes line on an everyday basis, but when I do, I feel calm and actually feel great. I also put my clothes pins in a holder that I made that I remember my Gramma used. You just take a little girls dress and sew across the bottom to seal it off, I like to use sun dresses because they are not so closed in on top. and use a small clothes hanger, fill it up with some clothes pins and you’re in business. I’ll have to send you a picture.


As soon as I walk into the church and hear the font  water dripping a sense of peace comes over me right away!I have never felt this anywhere else!


When I walk in the woods next to our house. You stand there in the middle of all these beautiful trees and listen, first to the silence then slowly the sounds of the birds, the squirrels, rabbits, and other wildlife are all around you. It’s God’s creation personified. P.S. we also have caught fox, turkey, deer, armadillo, coyote, on our critter cams set up around on our property.


My special place is my backyard. I love to sit out there with a good book, listening to the birds, and looking at my flowers.


A few of my favorite locations are: When I was growing up years ago, I used to enjoy taking a walk with my mother along a beautiful path where I used to live. We used to have such good talks. Walking in a beautiful park near where I live. I always feel very close to God when I am outside and seeing His beautiful creation! I have a beautiful view outside my home which is very peaceful, especially after a hard day at work. There are beautiful trees outside in bloom with pink and white flowers.


Sitting on my grandparents back porch, on the porch swing my Grandfather built.


I love to sit in my screen patio and watch the birds and look to the woods often seeing deer by the brook. It is so beautiful and peaceful. A quiet time in a troubled world. Just enjoying God’s gifts.


I would like to share that once I went to church and prayed for a while. It was so quiet and I strongly sensed God’s presence there. It felt so holy and peaceful. I felt blessed.


My holy place is my daughter’s barn in southern Ohio. We have 2 horses and they have been my saving grace during this pandemic. Just the normalcy of feeding and caring for the animals, enjoying my grandsons during the school hiatus, and watching the changing seasons with the local wildlife has been such a blessing. God has spoken in so many ways there. I truly understand why our Savior was born in a stable 


Having grown up in West Virginia, I was fortunate to see the beautiful wildflowers that God painted the landscape with every season. I have many memories of walking a very worn path where nature’s beauty would steal your breath away, and you knew it was a God moment. Those simple gifts, that are so astounding in their beauty, knowing they were placed there by the loving hand of our wonderful Savior. You truly feel His love and the sacredness of His Presence.


I feel at my best and close to God when I’m walking or sitting by the ocean watching the sun sparkle on the water! I love the touch of the ocean breeze on my skin and blowing through my hair along with the sand beneath my feet! I feel my worries and cares are being carried away. I’m at peace and feel my body relaxing with the ebb and flow of the ocean waves. I close my eyes and hear the crash of the waves and the sound of the gulls. I love the smell of the clean & fresh sea air and I feel my body & soul being cleansed and rejuvenated! It’s like God is breathing new life into my tired and stressed body! I visited the Sunshine Coast of Queensland Australia in 1998 and walked barefoot on the beach. I took a picture of my footprints in the sand. I will never forget that moment as I was completely at peace! I feel like leaving my footprints in the sand was like leaving a little bit of me in that beautiful country!


One place that I feel that is holy and healing to me is a park near our home. It seems to have the tranquility and peacefulness that I enjoy while walking through the trails.


The first time I saw my land covered in snow I felt God all the trees and everything covered in snow it was beautiful.


That is an interesting question and I would have to say when I am working in my yard it always feels healing and a cleansing from the stress of the day. The sunshine is very healing. It’s a wonderful time to reflect and pray. Thanks for sharing your locations and thanks for the opportunity to win.


Late afternoon walks at the beach with my feet in the water. Then it’s just God and me and we have some great conversations; my heart is fed.


The ocean and being at the beach there is always holy and Healing. The noise of the world grows quiet and I am Always awed by the vastness of Gods creation. Feel so close to him there.


Walking among the bluebells is my answer. My dad used to pick some for my mom for Mother’s Day  that had grown on our farm many years ago. 


God has given us a gift that gives you a sense of peace.  I will be looking at it as a holy place when I visit next.  As soon as possible after arriving at Blue Lake, I take the time to thank God for this gift.  One of our neighbors has a sign that says “North of the Tension Line”.  It always makes me smile.  As I drive down the dirt rode leading to Blue Lake I always have a “wash” of calm and excitement flow through me.  I am glad you reminded me not to take all of it for granted and look at our place as another task list of things to accomplish in caring for this place.  Hoping that you continue to find holy places like these.  God Bless You!  Love,