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About the Book

Four authors. Twelve stories. Another writing session with only the
unknown before them.

In the pages of Beyond the Door Volume 2 can be found stories about:

  • a dangerous beauty seeking revenge
  • the power of words
  • an alien invasion
  • espionage during the Civil War
  • fraternity hazing with a dangerous edge
  • election tampering from the future

The authors from Beyond the Door Volume 1 have come together again to
mine their imagination for more visions of time lines only they could
discover. Clones, child detectives, first ladies, and missing
pregnancies mask a reality only they could survive to tell the world.

If an open door is an invitation then consider this a taste of what
you’ll find inside.

They are halfway through the deck.

Q: What was it like to write these stories without the others in the room with you?
A.B. Alvarez: Who says I wasn’t in the room with the others? Just because they couldn’t see me. I mean, I wasn’t in the room with them. At all. Not under the bed or in the closet which BTW needs a good cleaning. I was home sipping a fine Merlot while watching the ships travel down the Hudson. While I wrote about pits covered in sharp pointy pieces of glass. That takes a lot of concentration and focus. And a good Merlot.
Serena B. Miller: After editing your stories, Alvarez, I think a little less Merlot might be in order? And please stay out of my closets. That last restraining order is still valid.
Jesse R. Lyle: Bittersweet. Since I didn’t have to listen to the droning-thunderous striking of keyboard keys from overzealous-caffeine driven digits, I could actually think straight, but I didn’t get to trade attempted witty remarks with my fellow companions.
Derek E. Miller: It was a dream. I was home enjoying a fine Craft Artisan Amish made Root Beer listening to the neighbor’s dog bark way too much. But all that commotion was still  better than listening to A.B. Alvarez constantly make laser sounds as he would write his futuristic sci fi stuff. You definitely need a good Root Beer to write.

Q: Derek E. Miller, during your tour of duty in the military what was it like interacting with the aliens from Area 51?
A: Turns out I was well prepared.  Dealing with New Yorkers like A.B. Alvarez more than prepared me for interaction with an alien species.  One of them even gave me two t-shirts.  They have printed on them, “I Love Zork” and “The Big Abbsou.”
Q: Jesse R. Lyle, based on your fictitious medical degree from Johns Hopkins, did the details about genetics in your story help you make better breeding decisions about the multi-legged organisms you have running around your home?
A: Oh, without a doubt my fictitious medical degree helped more than a legitimate medical degree. And yes, she might be a genetically created multi-legged organism, but she’s my little multi-legged organism. MuHaha

Q: Serena B. Miller, after reading Sunny I can see you owning multiple guns and not being afraid to use them. Have you ever sneaked into a foreign country with the express intent of overthrowing its government?
A: That depends. Has California attained foreign country status yet?

Q: A.B. Alvarez, the last time you went time traveling did you find your doppelganger?
A: Is that question for me? I’ve never gone time traveling. If I did would I be here? Multiple time streams don’t make any sense. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been visited by others who purport to be from a different time stream. Meet my doppelganger? Don’t be silly. What would I do if I met myself? Kill him and take his place? Of course not! He might try to kill me and take my place. By the way: why did you call me A.B. Alvarez?

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