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About the Book

A mystified archeologist, an Amish ghost,  and avenging angels are just a few of the stories found in Beyond the Door, Volume 1, a twelve-story supernatural anthology.

When multi-published authors get together for a play date, and are presented with a writing challenge they can’t resist, the results are not only surprising, they sometimes stretch the limits of their storytelling abilities.

In the pages of Beyond the Door, the demons at play will not be what you expect.

Where else can you find a robotic barista, a vengeful little girl, and a murderous goddess who wants to come out and play?

What else may be lurking Beyond the Door?

Interview with the Writers

  • Q: What possessed four otherwise normal writers to write such dark and horrifying stories?
  • A.B. Alvarez: It was the only way I could get them to unlock the basement door so I could get something to eat. Seriously.
  • Serena B. Miller: Wait a minute. You got out?
  • Jesse R. Lyle: The real answer is, A.B. didn’t see the sign that said “Push To Open”. Poor guy would have starved to death pulling on that door if we hadn’t opened it for him… we had to come up with some sort of story to help save his dignity.
  • Derek E. Miller: I was the last to say “Not It” when it came to there being a responsible adult watching these hooligans so I was stuck with them all weekend.  I went to dark places in my mind to escape the reality I was stuck in so figured I might as well put the dark places on paper.

  • Q: Serena B. Miller, what was it like writing a dark Amish story?
  • A: It was freeing, actually. I love and admire my Amish friends, but there is a dark side to the Amish that romance writers are expected to ignore. It is inevitable that a culture as strict as theirs can take a toll on the psyche. Sometimes that toll presents itself in extreme depression.
  • Q: Derek E. Miller, do you always wear a bulletproof vest when you write?
  • A: True story. Grandpa always did the dishes for grandma.  He would say, “Proven scientific fact.  No man has been shot by his wife while doing dishes.”  Well seeing how I’m not helping do dishes, laundry, or mowing the lawn when writing, I can’t be too careful.
  • Q: Jesse R. Lyle, are the tattoos all over your body the inspiration for your story Ancient Runes?
  • A: Yes and No. The inspiration comes from knowing that everyone has a story whether big or small. And some of those stories are just like tattoos, some are hilarious or regretful, some are meaningful or spiritual, and yet some, are private reminders of a struggle or addiction one is trying to overcome. I guess the take-away is, be willing to listen, and pay attention to the people around you.
  • Q: A.B. Alvarez, what is it with you and having to chop off body parts in your stories?
  • A: There was no hacking of body parts in the Kidnapping Anna Trilogy though there was a lot of computer hacking. I think I had pent up body-hacking impulses that came out in the abandoned farmhouse where we did our writing. It is also true that the farmhouse was not abandoned, not filled with cobwebs, and not dark and foreboding thereby keeping me up every night wondering if I was going to make it out alive. Except that it was.
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