WOW!!!  The most exciting scenes of all were filmed today!!  So here’s what happened:

sugarhaus inn love finds you in sugarcreek ohio sugar haus inn
Our Props masters helped make the house look like it had gone through a fire.

When I arrived, the props people had “burned” Effie and Vernon’s real farmhouse we’re renting. This was done with blackened paper stuck on white clapboards. It really did look like they had experienced a fire. Sugarcreek’s intrepid fire department were there with the fire truck and hoses strung all over the yard. These volunteer fire fighters were wearing heavy fire suits and helmets in 80+ degree weather.

special effects artists love finds you sugarcreek ohio movie
Special effects artists were brought in to create controlled smoke and fire

Then tonight, they filmed the fire scene with the mock up of a portion of Effie and Vernon’s house that they’ve been building in a field all week long. A special effects crew was hired to come in and handle the fire. Of course, several members of the fire department were there with fire extinguishers just in case anything went wrong. I watched as the special effects people set up pipes with propane flames shooting up behind the windows, as well as setting a wall behind the window afire by applying some sort of rubber cement-like stuff and setting it ablaze. While all this fire was going on, Aunt Anna, is trapped and afraid and screaming for help and Joe has to break in a window to get to her. It was pretty impressive in real-life, but when I saw it on the monitor with all the camera angles and lighting—it looked so real I could hardly believe it.

All this was taking place in a field after dark, and I glanced up and saw a whole bunch of Amish people sitting up at the top of a small nearby hill watching. One of the crew members went up to invite them down to watch it more closely. Once they were reassured that they would not be filmed, they were happy to do so and asked a lot of questions.

Only three more days of shooting, and the filming of this movie will be finished. It has gone astonishingly well, and we are on schedule. Now–I have a quandary. Teresa, who does an amazing job on creating props, asked me if I would like to have the “old” Sugar Haus Inn sign to take home with me. This is a six-by-three sign that she made look beat up and derelict, and I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. It would make a great keepsake to hang on my porch, but I’m not sure how on earth to get it home in my car. I don’t think Steve will be amused if I duct tape it to the roof, but I’m tempted.


firefighters love finds you in sugarcreek ohio movie burn house down
Sugarcreek volunteer Firefighters helped create a real atmosphere for the set.
Thank you guys!
burning house sugarhaus sugar haus inn love finds you sugarcreek ohio movie
The point before the controlled burn, making sure everything was framed up correctly for the cameras


4 thoughts on “Day fifteen: (10-2) movie set of LFY Sugarcreek Ohio

  1. Robyn Thornton says:

    Hi, Serena. My husband and I are good friends of your California relative, Bill. He told us about your books and blog — we’re huge fans!

    We agree you need that sign at your home! It should fit in a pickup or van; worst case, go UPS.

    If you need to use UPS, all of us fans could go in together and pay for the transport — we’d be glad to do our part.

    Robyn Thornton

    • Hi Robyn,
      Thanks for your support, you would not believe how supportive Bill has been in my career. 🙂
      As for the Sign, it turns out that I couldn’t have taken it home this week anyways. The crew gave it to me, but they need it to be on location or at least near by for the next month just in case part of the filming needed to be redone. So I’ve got a good friend up in Sugarcreek that is going to hold on to them (there was the old derelict one and a new one that Joe had “restored”) for me at her place. When the crew doesn’t need them anymore I’ll be able to bring them home!

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