Day five did feel like it started to drag towards the end, partly because we (the extras) were put on standby and were ushered out of the stands. This gave us the opportunity to catch up with one another and groove on what a cool experience we were having. The fire fighters baseball team in the scene truly was the volunteer fire fighters of Sugarcreek. One of Mom’s fans came up to her afterwards asking her to sign his book, but also to thank her for putting Joe on their team, exclaiming “I’m so glad you wrote it with him being on our team, we’d never won otherwise!” It was also a little disheartening to be cheering in the stands knowing exactly which team was going to win! 🙂 My brother Derek kept trying to be the bookie, taking bets on the game claiming that the game wasn’t rigged… Dad summoned his inner pee-wee baseball coaching and started shouting for the players to start hustling and getting their butts down to catch the ball. This was not your typical ball game. At one point they needed to get some close-ups of a real player hitting a real ball being pitched. With one camera at the pitchers mound, behind safety glass and barricaded with protection, and the other camera on a stead-cam armature attached to the main camera guy five feet away from the batter, this poor high school batter was supposed to swing away at the first pitch. Wouldn’t you know it, he hits it, foul tips it, right…into…the camera five feet away from him. To which the guy holding the camera said, “Well, I knew that was gonna happen…” After we all released our grips on our seats from cringing, we realized that luckily, the ball had just hit the frame, and hadn’t done any real damage. Crisis narrowly averted! Tom was definitely his happy-go-lucky self that day, from goofing around in-between takes to making the crowd laugh, he helped keep everyone’s morale up, and made it that much more enjoyable for everyone. Thomas was very energetic, from playing in the gravel, to swinging Sarah’s purse around his neck, he kept busy being a little boy. After we were dismissed from the set because they were done filming and were starting to pack up, we started the long trek home. The journey home takes almost exactly 3.5 hours, and we were five minutes away from being home when one of Dad’s tires just blew up completely. Luckily both Derek and I were driving other cars and we were able to make a safe cautionary barricade around Dad, and we quickly got his doughnut spare on. That’s the whole Friday in a nutshell.

Now as for Saturday, we weren’t there but I have an extended schedule and I can clue you in on what was supposed to happen. From what the schedule shows, they started to shoot the Sugar Haus Inn scenes. They will continue to be shooting a lot of those scenes in the coming days and we won’t really have any new and exciting information about it, so I’m going to put the “Keeping up with The Movie” posts on a short hiatus until we change scenes or something exciting happens. Once again this crew is an amazing group of people and the stories we’re getting to hear about everyone’s adventures into the film industry are truly fascinating.

Best wishes,

lfy_ballfield(Just a nice view of our Sugarcreek High School baseball team coming to grips with their imminent defeat…)

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