So day two was amazing as well. We shot the indoor/outdoor church scenes, the buggy ride to the picnic, and the picnic by the pond today. Weather was awesome and the talent was even better. Sarah and Tom are doing a great job bringing the characters to life and at one point during the picnic scene, Mom started to cry from happiness over Sarah’s ability to capture Rachel’s emotional telling of her father’s murder. (quote from Mom: “I never dreamed my words would ever be spoken as if they were real!”) Here are a couple photo’s that can’t even begin to explain what Mom is getting to experience here and a picture of Connie Troyer who edited the book and was thrilled she got to be an extra in the movie. (Go Connie!)  As for me, I’m on informational overload and loving every minute of it, and best thing of all, I’m not responsible for any of the technical stuff!

Kind regards

day_2_1 copy
(Outside the church doing close-ups of the excitement over getting to go on a picnic)

day_2_2 copy(After capturing the footage of the buggy connected to the horse, and being driven by Tom (Joe), we needed footage of their faces while ridding in the buggy, this is part of the movie magic, by hitching the buggy to the van!)

IMG_20130917_175321_617 copy

(Connie Troyer and Serena)


6 thoughts on “Day two: movie set of Love Finds You in Sugarcreek Ohio

  1. Thank you SO much for sharing this with us, Jacob. I am enjoying the journey and I know I will enjoy the movie as well. I’m wondering if this will be a tv movie?

  2. How fun! My cousins live near Sugar Creek over by New Philly. Connie Troyer edited my Love Finds You In Lake Geneva, Wisconsin book and she did an awesome job! So nice to see a picture of her to put a face with a name!

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