love-will-find-you-in-sugarcreekSeveral people have asked about getting a copy of the movie, and I promised to let everyone know as soon as I found out. Fox is releasing the DVD, Love Finds You in Sugarcreek next week! (10/7) but it’s available for pre-order right now via Amazon & Barnes & Noble and available for digital download from Amazon, NookiTunes, &  VUDU. The DVD will also have some behind-the-scenes interviews with Kelly, Sarah, Tom, the director, and me. To my knowledge, at least four million people have watched the movie so far on the UP network, and many other countries have picked it up to broadcast on their stations. As I work here in my farmhouse, living a normal life of canning tomato juice and babysitting grandkids, I am astonished that a story I struggled so hard to write will soon be viewed in countries as far-flung as the Middle East. I am very, very grateful to the talented actors, producers, and director who brought that story to life.

7 thoughts on “Sugarcreek DVD is now available!

  1. I juststarted reading “fearless Hope” , before searching for other other books written by you. So, now I have to geth the others before starting “fearless Hope” again.

    • Hi Cheryl,
      If you look under Novels, each book shows what series it is from, and which # in the series
      In order it goes Uncommon Grace, Hidden Mercies, Fearless Hope
      The Measure of Katie Calloway, Under a Blackberry Moon, and A Promise to Love
      The other books are stand alone

  2. Eloise Meister says:

    Katie Calloway is one of the best books! I have read just about everything from Jane Eyre to Great Exp. I have given away 8 or 10 copies of Katie and several BlackBerry moon. However, I am not able to buy either. Both CBD and Barnes Noble do not have you listed!! I am 78 so I prefer to shop on line or phone.

    Where do I go?

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