A few weeks ago I was in Arkansas visiting my sister when a friend asked me to come speak to her class for their career studies.kids_mail_1

(Jake – Write what’s on your heart, and it’ll be okay!)

It was raining that morning and on the way to the school my car got rear-ended while I was waiting at a traffic light. (It was totaled.) When I arrived at the school, I was shaken up, wet, miserable, and the last thing I wanted to do was teach a class.

kids_mail_2(Alaina – It’s A LOT harder than it looks… but it’s a lot of FUN too!)

Then the kids came! Bright, eager, kind. Forgiving and attentive even when I lost my train of thought. Those precious children even took notes as I stumbled through my presentation.kids_mail_3

(Heidi – Never give up on your dreams either!)

When I invited them to be part of a real-life “brainstorming session” about a nutshell idea I had about writing a historical romance based on research I’d done about the Ohio River in the 1700’s, they participated with enthusiasm and creativity.kids_mail_4

(Scarlett – I’ll most definitely let your teacher know!)

Sometimes magic happens when a group of people, young or old, get together. That was what it felt like to me as the students helped me plot my next historical novel. Magic. I forgot all about wrecked cars and insurance issues as we entered into the 1700’s world of Primrose and John (the names they chose for my heroine and hero.) A class period I had worried about having enough material to fill ended up going way over-time as they helped me brainstorm. Their next-period teacher was even gracious enough to allow us to finish.kids_mail_5

(Kendra – Have fun exploring your writing!)

This week I received some notes from that classroom, which I’m posting for the enjoyment of the kids who absolutely made my day.kids_mail_6

(Caleb – I love your cartoons! A professional cartoonist once told me, he drew on every piece of paper he could find when he was your age!)

For the kid’s privacy, I’m deliberately not naming the school or using anyone’s last names, but I thought they would enjoy seeing their notes here on my website. kids_mail_7

(Teacher Debbie – May the Lord bless you, and your excellent students!)

2 thoughts on “An Awesome Classroom!

  1. Thank you so much Mrs. Miller for putting my letter on your website! 🙂 I had a question… Do you ever find your self living in what you are writing? I’m working on a book my self that I started about a year ago and Im 1/4th through it. I find my self inserting my self in places. so I was just wondering if you do that. Thank you so very much!
    God bless you so VERY much!

  2. Hi Heidi,

    You’ve asked an interesting question. Yes, I do put myself in my books,
    although a reader who doesn’t know me well wouldn’t be able to tell. In An
    Uncommon Grace, I’m the voice of Elizabeth, the grandmother, who loves the
    people around her, but who also likes to say exactly what’s on her mind.
    The spiritual “me” when I was younger, is in Levi’s head when he wrestles
    with his faith. In another character (in a book that hasn’t been published
    yet) I describe my terror of snakes, but only through the heroine’s eyes,
    and I work through that terror. I think that helps some of my scenes feel
    very real to the reader because I feel like I’m actually experiencing them
    while I’m writing them. I often type with my eyes closed because it helps
    me envision things more intensely while I’m writing.

    Congratulations on getting one-fourth of your book finished. You are well
    on your way!!


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