Sometimes people ask me to describe the mental process I go through in order to come up with the stories I write. I never know how to answer. Frankly, if someone could step inside my head, they would probably be as confused about the process as I am. However, one thing I can say that there is always an incident that causes the writer-synapses inside my brain to start flashing like a fire engine. When that happens, I know I have a story.

My latest Amish novel, HIDDEN MERCIES, which will come out April 9–opens with an Amish wedding scene in which the groom has not shown up and the bride is beside herself with humiliation and worry. That scene began to percolate as I sat through three hours of Amish preachers speaking in German during a real-life Amish wedding. Since I could not understand more than two words, I began to wonder if Amish brides ever get left at the altar, and if so, what would happen. The rest of those three hours just flew by.An Amish Wedding

My publisher thought it would be fun for readers to get a peak behind the scenes of HIDDEN MERCIES, and experience with me the real Amish wedding that I actually attended.

This e-short, which was published a couple days ago, should be interesting to anyone who would enjoy a glimpse of the work, thought, and planning that goes into celebrating a marriage among the Old Order Amish.



5 thoughts on “An Amish Wedding Invitation: New eShort!

  1. Sandra Hess, CPM says:

    Hi Serena, I am glad to find you have a website! Thank you for our meeting (via phone) and subsequent introduction to your novels with the gift of “An Uncommon Grace”. It was a great pleasure to read. If you travel up my way and desire to give me a holler, I’d be delighted for us to meet face-to-face. I’ll humbly offer my home for a ‘bed and breakfast’ close to the Holmes-Coshocton countyline.

    Song of Solomon 2:11-12 NIV

    Sandra Hess
    Heartland Midwifery
    Fresno, Ohio

    • What a kind and thoughtful invitation! I’d love to come up and visit some
      day. I am in the process of negotiations for a non-fiction book about the
      Amish that I would love to get your input on. It won’t be any time soon,
      but I’ll contact you in a few months when the time gets closer. By the
      way–the book you helped me with, Hidden Mercies, (the sequel to An
      Uncommon Grace) comes out today. I mentioned you in the

      • Sandra L Hess says:

        Serena, I am sorry I missed your message back until now. I have not had an “online life’ much since early spring. What great news about the release of your new book!

        It would be a pleasure to see you.

        God bless your preparations as you begin your next writing project. I grew up at the table of non-fiction, but since have learned to also feast on fiction.

        Sandra Hess
        Heartland Midwifery
        Fresno, Ohio

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