It’s taken awhile, but I think I can laugh about it now. ..kind of.

My editor interview in Dallas did not go well. I was nervous and accidentally shifted into high gear. Miss Chatty Cathy–that’s me. I told that poor editor everything but my bra size. Those fifteen minutes were filled with more words than anyone could possibly comprehend. The very nice editor watched me with her mouth half opened, as though she simply couldn’t believe anyone could talk that much and that fast. I have a strong suspicion she took a couple of Excedrin after I left.

It reminded me of a t-shirt I saw once with the words “Help! I’ve started talking and I can’t stop!” written on it. I should have worn that t-shirt to the interview.

That’s the wonderful thing about writing. I can EDIT what I write.

I stepped way out of my comfort zone when I walked into those interview rooms, I stumbled and tripped over my own tongue. I ended up feeling like a fool. But at least I did it. Maybe next time I’ll do a little better.

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