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  1. hedy
    November 14, 2011 @ 11:44 am

    i love reading about the Amish and understand there are many ‘groups’..
    the thing that comes across in so many books..[whether true or not – i do not know] are the many misunderstandings that happen because they cannot or refuse to TALK to one another from their heart. Even within the family!!
    to me the major thing that is so sad are the children born with problems because of the lack of ‘new blood’ within a district.
    I admire the Amish so much for living as they do which requires such hard work morning to night.
    I am extremely LAZY geesh.more than that even, by their standards…
    when i read about washing the floors and WALLS and so much it gives me a spurt of ‘get up and go’ but sadly it doesn’t last..LOL.
    you are so lucky to have formed such a wonderful closeness with some families.
    i would love to…


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