The following is a recent post from my son’s face book. He is working as a military contract worker in Afghanistan. Missing him today after getting to see him for a few days over Christmas.

Derek's team

“I work with Heroes. Today started horrifically. Large truck/car bomb went off at one of my subcontractor’s compound less than a mile away. It was so loud and shook so hard I thought we were hit again like on May 2 and I kissed the floor. Multiple injuries, building destroyed etc. at their location. Within seconds we had guns cocked and loaded. Within minutes we had medkits ready, combat medics, food, shelter, etc. This was our “family” and we were bringing them to safety and care. The attached shows real life superhero’s. I consider these guys friends and family. The guy on the far left has saved my life more times than I’d like to admit. The dude with the purple gloves is someone I trash talk with everyday but seeing him jump into action was amazing. In fact everyone on my team today was amazing. Normally I don’t like to post things for OpSec reasons but this pic was on a public news site.”

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