An Amish Letter

With the help of my computer guru son, Jacob, I’ve become fairly proficient in this brave new world of e-mail, blogs, and Facebook. It is all so fascinating–especially as I connect with friends I haven’t seen in years. In fact, I have to discipline myself not to become addicted to all the information and chatter that is available at my fingertips. I’ve found, to my dismay, that an entire day can evaporate if I’m not consciously frugal (I set a timer) with my on-line time. The last time I wrote an actual pen-on-paper, lick the stamp, and address the envelope kind of letter was a few weeks ago when I penned a thank-you note to an Amish family with whom we’d had dinner up in Sugarcreek, Ohio. I had been there on a research trip for my first contracted book. Since the book has an Amish theme, my bed and breakfast hostess used her connections to get me an invitation to an Old Order Amish family’s home–where I could ask questions. It was, for me, a magical evening filled with the sight of beautiful Amish children playing on the lawn while we enjoyed a delicious meal served picnic style outside […]

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