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  1. Kay Sykes
    June 4, 2021 @ 8:00 pm

    Oh Serena, I remember reading this story a long time ago! And yes, I understood all too well about little boys who love to play Indians, for God prepared me very well for my role as kindergarten teacher with two active little boys of my own! What I love the most is hearing how those little “Indians”( I suppose that is politically incorrect, but what better way to describe our little Red Chief warriors!) have grown into fine young men like your awesome Jonathan! What a joy to hear he has graduated with honors and received a scholarship to Stevens Techinical Institute. Yes Jonathan, will do fine because he has a warrior’s heart, nurtured by a very wise Grandmother! Congratulations, Jonathan! I am very proud of you! May God use you to do do great things for His tribes! Love, Mrs. Sykes


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