“I had no idea why the Fed Ex man was pulling into our driveway. I hadn’t ordered anything. My husband hadn’t ordered anything. Then the man lifted three largish boxes out of his truck. He acted as though they were heavy. This was a puzzle. I decided that my son must have bought some parts–he works as a computer tech and frequently orders computer parts. Still, I wondered what he could have ordered that would be so heavy. Usually his purchases come in much smaller packages.

Then I looked at the labels and realized that they were all addressed to me. How strange.

And then it hit me–I’m actually an author. And these are my author copies. How wonderful.

I was so excited, I had to force myself not to hug the Fed Ex guy and dance him around the porch.

Opening those boxes felt like all my birthdays and Christmases rolled into one. It was kind of like embracing one of my newborns after a long and difficult labor. I grabbed a copy, and thumbed through it. My words. My story. My beloved characters. In an honest-to-goodness book.

It had that new-book smell. The cover was gorgeous. I ran upstairs with it to show my husband. Such an emotional moment because we had prayed for this for so long, and God had,once again, been faithful.

God is so good.

1 thought on “A Box Of Books

  1. Hi, Serena-
    Decided to stop by your website/blog and see what was going on with you. Wow, I’m impressed with what you’ve done with this site; it’s beautiful!

    Congratulations on getting the books…doing the signings…I’m so excited for you!

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