I received a very special gift this week. My first cousin, Eva Gleim, sent me a picture of her mother, my aunt, reading my first book not long before she passed away. This picture especially grips my heart because back when I thought I would never, ever, make it as a writer, Aunt Mary was one of my biggest encouragers.

Mary worked terribly hard. Raising six children, feeding them out of a huge garden, taking care of everything from stray cats to little nieces and nephews, but somehow in the middle of all that work, she still  found time to play the piano, sing, dream…..and read love stories. As she once told me when she was well into her eighties, “I like a little kissin’ in a book I’m a-reading.”

I’m so grateful that she got to hold the first love story I ever published. Because of her, I’m always mindful to put a little kissin’ in every story.

4 thoughts on “Aunt Mary

  1. Just finished reading the above mentioned book. It is my first reading by Serena. Really enjoyed the Amish connection, as I am a reader of most Amish books. But sometimes there gets to be too many, so I have to be selective. I truly feel that this was one of the better Amish books, and I want to thank you for this writing. God Bless. gracia

  2. This was also my first one to read. I was recently given four of your books for my 60th birthday. We live immediately next door to Amish neighbours, of the Swartzentruber variety, who are recent transplants to the north shore of Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada. I have read all of the Wanda E Brunstetter and Beverly Lewis books I can get my hands on. Their stories of the Amish people and life have fascinated me. Finding another author on the topic delights me. I have learned even more tidbits and details about their lives from you and can’t wait for more.
    The picture of your aunt is wonderful. Those who support others are so valuable and add to many works that get done for the Lord simply by that support.

  3. Donna J (Hutchinson) Parker says:

    Just read my third SBM novel. Thought they were all finely written. So nice to know a Minford Falcon woman has been published. Intend to read the others.

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