My third published novel came out yesterday and is doing really well. I’m especially grateful for this book to be read because in a small way, it is my own story.

No–I never came out of the Swartzentruber Amish faith–but like many Christians, I had to trudge through a whole lot of legalism before I understood the power, the mercy, and the freedom of God’s grace. It became the difference between life and death to me. It became the difference between breathing freely–or barely breathing at all.

A reader just sent me an e-mail saying that she saw two complicated love stories going on in An Uncommon Grace–the one between my Amish hero and military heroine, and the one between my hero and God. I hadn’t though of it in those terms, but she’s right. I have some very smart readers.


6 thoughts on “An Uncommon Grace

    • Thank you Barbara! I have actually already wrote the sequel to An Uncommon Grace. It’s part of a series 🙂
      An Uncommon Grace – Book 1
      Hidden Mercies – Book 2
      Fearless Hope – Book 3
      Happy Reading!

  1. Candi Bedford says:

    Just watched the Hallmark movie 3x’s and loved it. Can’t wait to read the book. My only regret was that the movie didn’t have as much Christian content as I would have liked, but it was still very good.

  2. Serena, I love your books. They are very good reading. Thank you for making your characters interesting. I enjoy the fact that sex, profanity, and violence are left out. So far they all end happy too. I look forward to the next one. Stacey

  3. Connie Bates says:

    I just watched An Uncommon Grace on Hallmark and fell in love with it! Also while searching to see if there was a sequel to it, I discovered the books! Thank you for writing and bringing a beautiful and exciting story without excessive violence, sex, and coarse language to life! I’m excited to read the sequels and I hope those also become movies!

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