My advanced author copies of Under a Blackberry Moon just came in yesterday and I wanted to give away a few copies for FREE! I’ll be shipping them out the first week of October, so if you win, you’ll be getting your copy well before the launch date of the third in the award winning Michigan historical Northwoods series, Under a Blackberry Moon (Oct 15) I can’t give them all away so I’ll be running a random drawing for three (3) copies. I’ll even personalize them however you want πŸ™‚

Contest Info/Rules: Only one (1) book per person. Anyone can sign up. You’ll get more chances to win if you complete the steps.
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80 thoughts on “FREE Book Giveaway!

  1. I am impressed with what I have read so far about you and your writing, and congratulation on the movie, Thank you for the opportunity to possibly win a copy of your book.


    Rita Howell

  2. Of all the books I’ve read by you, you are awesome author. I enjoy your books so much and would LOVE to win one. I am having knee replacement surgery soon and could enjoy reading it during recuperation.

  3. Georgianne Barnett says:

    I’ve read Katie Calloway (loved it), I have A Promise to Love, and would LOVE to have Blackberry Moon on my TBR shelf!
    Thank you,

      • I love my Kindle HD, and have a ton of books on it because, let’s face it…the books are cheaper. But I so miss holding “a book”, the texture of it, the ability to go back to a favorite part, even the smell of the book. But I think digital is going to be the future for books….even textbooks. pk

  4. I have read 3 of your books and loved all of them. I would love to read Blackberry Moon, it would be so special if I could win it.

  5. I love your books, they are so well written and I’m able to put myself into the settings. Thank you for sharing your stories and talent.

  6. I have read all of your books, Serena..well, nearly all of them so far and I have been so very anxious to read this new one. I just read the first book, LFY Sugarcreek, at the very end of Aug..and I now have read all of the others. I have been consuming them like food. May God bless you!

  7. I am 77 years old and wheelchair bound and alone, reading books is a hobby for me, love your books. Would be awesome to win one of your books.

  8. Ohhhhhh, pick me! Pick me!! Our teammates (well, the girl ones) have read all of your books!! We are all huge fans and are so excited about the third Michigan book!! I’ve been waiting all year for it to come out!! Congrats on everything–so very proud of you!!

  9. Angela Sommers says:

    Loved your book “The measure of Katie Calloway” – really loved it. You pulled it all together – historically correct, great style, great subject matter….
    I would really love to win your new book!

  10. I started reading your books less than two years ago. Just finished the one on Calloway. Sorry, but I’m not good with titles. Instead, I try to remember favorite author’s names. Also, about once a week I go to different sites and leave reviews for books I truly enjoy. Usually under Patsdream or Pat Moore.

  11. I bought Love Finds You in Sugarcreek, Ohio while on an outing there and fell in love with the story and the special talent that God has blessed you with. Even if I don’t win your books I will buy everyone that I can. I tell all of my reading friends about my new favorite author…YOU! Keep those great stories coming.

  12. I have read all your books and all of them are in my keepers. I have read all of them many times. I would love to have your book Under the Blackberry Moon. May God bless you in the ministery you and your husband do.

  13. I sent you a E-mail a little while back to ask a few questions, before I mailed one of your books out to my Mama. She has always been a avid reader and since she lost my Pops that keeps her busy. She has no book stores in the county that she lives in so I have many and I send her books all the time. I have been having trouble finding your books. But I found a few so I just sent her 9 books. Some new writers and the ones of yours that I could find. She really liked that one she said it was funny. I was happy to hear that because it has been a long time since she has laughed. I would love to Win the book but not for me. I read as well, but I would rather my Mama win it. If she does not I will try and get it for her when it is released.
    Thank you for your time and God Bless.

  14. I actually own a copy of The Measure of Katie Calloway & hope to get to it soon πŸ™‚ Thank you for the chance to win Under a Blackberry Moon!

  15. Looking forward to joining the many others who will get to enjoy your latest book. Thanks for the opportunity to get a free copy. Wishing you continued success.

  16. Nicole Laverdure says:

    I love when an author offers her book as a giveaway. It’s a great opportunity to discover a new-to-me author, like you and your books. Congratulation for the release of Under a Blackberry Moon! I love the cover! I would love to get the chance to read and review your book.

  17. Shirley Blanchard says:

    You are a new author to me, and your books sound great, so im hoping i win so i can start reading them, thank you for the chance
    Shirley B

  18. I will use your book to help raise funds to help get kids eye exams and glasses. I will auction it off in a Chinese auction. That is where I collect on every bid raised until there are no more bids and the highest one wins. It’s not that I don’t want the book. It’s i want to help the kids more. I do hope I win. I work with the Lions Club. We also send kids to camp for a week.

  19. Well sometimes when you do good deeds good things happen. Turns out I was helping mom bring in some stuff from sugar creek when she got home. Well right there in front of me a small box of those advanced copies were sitting there, when I gathered my stuff on the same table and wouldn’t you know one of those copies got mixed in? Oh my poor luck to get a preview 3 weeks ahead of everyone. Mewawawawawawawawaw.

    Awesome book

    Moms #1 son

  20. Robin Abstance says:

    Hi Serena B. Miller, I have not as yet read your work, but I am always interested in finding new authors. I will definitely download a book into my Kindle today and get started. I would love to read your latest book, so I hope to win! Thank you for the opportunity and good luck with the new book!!

  21. Haven’t read any of your books, Serena, but would love to become acquainted with your writing – by winning Under a Blackberry Moon! Thanks for the opportunity!

  22. Would really like to win have read your books but not lucky enough to be able to own one have to get all books from library. so thank you for this chance an will also be happy for the ones that do get the pleasure of owning your book thank you Karen

  23. I cannot wait for this book to come out. I am half Pawnee Indian and am really looking forward to this book. I love your writing and can hardly wait to get a copy.

  24. Connie Davidson says:

    You have to read Under a Blackberry Moon!!!! I got it Sat Night At the Sugarcreek Gospel Shop on the Main Street. When Home, began to read & was done Sun night. Thank you! having all the People I Loved in Katie back into this book. I’ll miss them again till you came out with them in other book. If you have not read all her books you are missing out on good reading. I’m not a big reader. Serena Books are of Real Life, History, People that lived this lifes, Story is Fiction but truth. Like Love in Sugarcreek, She, made me fill right at home in my Home town. Thanks to the Film Company for picking Love In Sugarcreek. Thank You Serena for what you wrote in my book. God Bless You. Your Sugarcreek Fan Connie !!!! New Moon Sat 10/5

  25. Anxiously awaiting my book “Under a Blackberry Moon” which I have preordered. Would love to win one so that I can give it to someone. I’ve been spreading the word about great an author you are. I’ve read all of your books so far. Waiting also for another Amish book.

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