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Love's Journey in Sugarcreek

Take a journey to Sugarcreek, Ohio, “the Little Switzerland of Ohio”
While being in the Holmes County area, Sugarcreek is no stranger to the Amish.

The Sugar Haus Inn (Book 1)
Rachel’s Rescue (Book 2)
Love Rekindled (Book 3)
Bertha’s Resolve (Book 4)
The Heart of Sugarcreek (Book 5)
Love's Journey on Manitoulin Island

Find yourself cheering for Moriah as she fights for her family’s heritage and livelihood, while chiseling away at the walls surrounding the heart of Ben,
a master stonemason tasked with rebuilding the derelict lighthouse, in the Manitoulin Island series.

Moriah’s Lighthouse, The Collection
Moriah’s Lighthouse (Book 1)
Moriah’s Fortress (Book 2)
Moriah’s Stronghold (Book 3)
Eliza’s Lighthouse (Book 4)
Northwoods Dreams

Transport yourself back in time to the Northwoods of Michigan, after the civil war,
during the rebuild of the USA. Sawyers and Lumbercamps weren’t just jobs and places, these became family and homes for many. Times were tough, but the lumberjacks were tougher.

The Measure of Katie Calloway (Book 1)
Under a Blackberry Moon (Book 2)
A Promise to Love (Book 3)
An Uncommon Grace

Follow the Amish of Holmes County Ohio. The struggles, the victories, the heartbreaks, and the redemptive grace one can find.

An Uncommon Grace (Book 1)
Hidden Mercies (Book 2)
Fearless Hope (Book 3)
The Doreen Sizemore Adventures

A Cozy Mystery series, of an older, very opinionated, South Shore Kentucky woman who inexplicably finds herself tangled up in murder mysteries.

Murder on The Texas Eagle (Book 1)
Murder at the Buckstaff Bathhouse (Book 2)
Murder at Slippery Slope Youth Camp (Book 3)
Murder on the Mississippi Queen (Book 4)
Murder at the Mystery Mansion (Book 5)
Murder In Las Vegas (Book 6)
Mystery At Little Faith Community Church (Book 7)
The Accidental Adventures of Doreen Sizemore: Collection 1
Appalachian Mountains
A Way of Escape: A Novel
More Than Happy: The Wisdom of Amish Parenting
Beyond The Door
Beyond The Door: Supernatural Anthology
Beyond The Door: Secret Societies Anthology