The Sisterhood of the Pink Ribbon–Update!

I wrote the following post six years ago. It seems like only yesterday all this happened.I thought in honor of the pink ribbon month, I would repost it along with the follow-up good news that my niece is now six years cancer-free! We were just talking about this and she pointed out the fact that […]
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So…little Miss Clara Grace Miller finally decided to make her appearance at 12:52 p.m. yesterday afternoon, more than a week past her expected due date. She weighed eight pounds five ounces, was twenty-one inches long, has curly black hair and is a healthy baby! She’s also gorgeous. We are, of course, not a bit prejudiced–but […]
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Day seventeen: (10-4) movie set of LFY Sugarcreek Ohio

Tomorrow, Saturday October 5th, is the last day of filming. Everyone looks forward to this day, but there’s some bitter sweetness to it as well. For weeks everyone has worked together, eaten together, and shared our lives with one another. A movie set becomes a mini-family. Now, with things drawing to a close, we know […]
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Day fourteen: (10-1) movie set of LFY Sugarcreek Ohio

Yesterday was cold and overcast, and I had not taken a sweater, so I was chilly all day. Today, I dressed warmly–as did most of the crew–and, of course, it was broiling and sunny all day and many of us spent the day slightly miserable. The yellow jackets happily joined us and added their buzzing, […]
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Day twelve: (9-28) movie set of LFY Sugarcreek Ohio

We filmed out at the farmhouse today. The main scene they worked on was the one I opened with in the book–where Rachel (Sarah Lancaster) is trying to talk her three elderly aunts into closing the Sugarhaus Inn. They are reluctant to do so, and try to deflect her request. Finally Bertha (Kelly McGillis) agrees […]
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