Muddy River

I grew up up in a four-room house perched on the banks of the Little Scioto River in Southern Ohio. Baskets asics pas cher That river provided unending entertainment for us kids. There were crawdads to catch, mussels to track, and ancient grapevines to swing on. We swam, fished, paddled around in an old flat-bottomed […]
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Sugarcreek DVD is now available!

Several people have asked about getting a copy of the movie, and I promised to let everyone know as soon as I found out. Fox is releasing the DVD, Love Finds You in Sugarcreek next week! (10/7) but it’s available for pre-order right now via Amazon & Barnes & Noble and available for digital download […]
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Have you heard!?

We just found out that Serena is a finalist in the Christy Awards!  Serena’s novel Under a Blackberry Moon has been nominated for the Historical / Romance category of the 2014 Christy Awards  (link)  For those unaware, the Christy Awards were started in 2000, and are awarded each year to recognize novels of excellence written […]
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Welcome Cocoa!

  So while Serena was in L.A. for a conference, her goat Cleo (short for Cleopatra) gave birth to a spunky little Kid named Cocoa. She’s only a few days old, but she already loves giving kisses. We did have the name “Tiny Dancer” pegged for her, but we soon realized it had too many […]
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Attention Bargain Shoppers! eBook Sale!

I LOVE IT! MY PUBLISHER IS GIVING READERS A BREAK… AGAIN! I’m so excited! Just a few months ago An Uncommon Grace was on sale and now the sequel, Hidden Mercies, is on sale! My publisher just informed me they are only charging $1.99 for the ebook from now until December 22th. (Instead of the […]
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